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Porn Games for AndroidAdult Sex Games — Bizzare Holy Land
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Bizzare Holy Land for android

Bizzare Holy Land for android
Russian language Yes | English language Yes
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 Version: Game engine
v19.2 | v39.0
Russian language Yes  |  English language Yes

Game description Bizzare Holy Land

BizzareHolyLand is a fantasy themed visual novel revolving around the story of angels and demons. You, as a mysterious holy boy, will journey across the wonderful world and have intimate relationship with all kinds of angels and demons!

* Main Angel Route updated with news characters, cutscenes and new animations

* Angelina's first scene revamped
* Vanaland's map updated with new angels and a new scene to boot
* Nest of Knowledge revamped with new dialogue and lore
* Memory Palace added in the Nest of Knowledge with Quinn and a new scene with her
* Sophia's bed scene revamped with dialogue rewritten

* Angelina's story revamped(new writing, one new h scene with Angelina, new model for Angelina for the baking section, new model for Mira, new model for Fiona, new revamped h scene for Angelina)
* Angel main story chapter3 revamping(Accalia's manor is redesigned, early parts of the story is being revamped, Accalia's h scene revamped with two new animations. New model for Farah )

* OwO Cuddling Cafe added in Vanaland Residential District with a new character Mabel and a new H-scene with her
* Grand Cathedral expanded a little bit(four new zones and some background images revamped)
* Main story Charlotte Curing revamped (animation and story mostly reworked and Charlotte's model updated)
* Louise's model and H-scenes updated (with more details and better lighting)
* Main story Luna Rescue updated (Accalia's manor reworked, new H-scenes replaced the old ones, and a new maid Amelia added to the story)

* A new mini-game Blackjack added to the casino
* New food items added in casino exchange
* Lauren's challenge added in the casino
* Grand Cathedral expanded
* Two new characters Mia and Chloe with short events added in the Grand Cathedral
* Main story chapter 2 revamped with updated background art, dialogue, and H scenes.
* Eleanor's model updated and one new H scene added in the main story

* Luna's side story completed
* All backgrounds in Luna's side story are revamped
* All H-scenes in Luna's side story are revamped
* New character Elizabeth added in Luna's side story
* Casino shop added
* Casino Kristine's 'special service' added
* Slot machine added in casino
* New character Lauren added in casino
* New 'Hide' button added for mobile version

* The story in Seablue Island is rewritten
* The story of Moira is also rewritten
* Backgrounds in Seablue Island is revamped
* Some backgrounds in Town of Lust is revamped
* Moira's model and H-scenes are all remade
* Alanis's model and H-scenes are all remade
* Pamela's model is revamped
* Amor's model is revamped
* Angelina's H-scenes in Seablue Island's arc are revamped
* Crystal's model is revamped
* Crystal's H-scenes in Seablue Island's arc are revamped
* One new scene for Accalia in the Dark Swamp
* New area - Residential District is added in Vanaland
* New character Diana and her short event are added in Floral Workshop in Vanaland
* New Louise's side story is added

* Resting Church storyline expaned.
* Valentina's model reworked
* Valentina's first H-scene reworked
* All background images in Resting Church reworked
* Three new characters Fidelia, Catherine, and Hadria introduced in the Resting Church storyline
* Five new H-scenes are added in the new Resting Church storyline
* Luna's model revamped
* Moon house onsen scene reworked and rewritten.
* Two new moon house onsen scenes added in the original story
* Eden Arena side story wrapped up
* Alessia's model revamped
* Victoria's model revamped
* Accalia's model revamped

- Bugfixes
- New side story Miracle Practitioner added in the Hall of Holy Magic.
- New character Lydia added in Hall of Holy Magic
- H scene with Sophia added in the prologue
- Demon route is now accessible. Renee will appear when the timer reaches 2:00am
- New short event with Andra added in the Hall of Guardians
- New short event with Charlotte added in the Hall of Guardians

- Vanaland exploration area added
- Day-night cycle in Vanaland added
- Chapter1 exposition revamped
- New characters Kristine and Gabriella are added in early game
- Christmas event story revamped
- Christmas hide-andseek mini game added
- All christmas H-scenes reworked
- Two new characters with new outfits and H-scenes joined the christmas event

* All H-scenes of Eleanor have been reworked and rewritten
* First gathering mission of Elves' Realm expanded
* Second gathering mission of Elves' Realm added
* Luna can now receive gifts to increase affection
* Luna's affection story added

* Bugfixes

* First Dungeon in the Tower of Sun added

* Seven new enemies and two new weapons added in the first dungeon

* Blacksmith Forge added in Vanaland where you can upgrade your weapons

* Hot spring in the Little Moon House upgraded

* Hot spring upgrade materials added in gathering missions

* Gifts can now be made in the Little Bakery

* Sophia and Angelina affection stories added

* Bugfixes

* Seven levels of Heaven level2 completed
* Seven levels of Heaven level3 completed

* Town of Lust expanded
* Olivia side quest wrapped up
* Stage 2 main angel route mostly rewritten
* Dark Swarm Maze expanded in stage 2 main angel route
* Stage 2 main angel route completed
* Music added in Nest of Knowledge, Little Moon House, Crystal Realm, Grand Cathedral, Eden, Heaven Brothel and Pure Love Manor

* Heaven Cafe expanded
* Grand Cathedral can now be explored
* Pamela Jewlleries Shop added in Town of Lust
* New training story 'Guardian's Sorrow' added
* Charlotte side quest 'Guardian of Guardian' wrapped up

* Bugfixes

* Battle system revamped
* Character stats added
* Stats display interface added
* Angels affection level added
* Exploration arrows now display location name
* Journal revamped
* New training story 'Guardian's Resolve' added
* New scene added in meeting Crystal for the first time
* New death scene added in losing a battle with Zaneta

* Quests in the journal are fixed

* Unable to sleep in the Moon House

* Moira storyline expanded
* New storyline in Heaven Brothel

* New side story in Arena of Peace in Eden!
* New storyline in Elf Kingdom!

* New storyline in Dark Magic Academy
* New storyline in Town of Lust
* A short bed fighting scene in Little Moon House

*Added internal views to all Christmas sex scenes!

* New seasonal quest in Vanaland! (start the quest at the blue spruce in Moon Garden)
* Three new sex scenes!

* New side quest in Lunar's Tower!
* New shop available in Eden after completing Bella side quest!
* New shop available in Evergreen Village after seeing Charlotte in Grand Cathedral!
* New side story in Heaven Cafe after making a maid outfit for Sophia in Bella workshop!

* New gathering mission in Little Bakery!
* New side story - Sad Bella!
* New main story - Obsessive Moira!

* Two New storylines in Resting Church!

* Morality and Vitality system!
* New storylines in Street of Lust and in Crystal Realm!

* New gathering mission in Little Bakery!
* A new exploration system during the gathering mission with which you can freely explore an area!
* New main storyline in Seablue Island!
* You can now do side stories much earlier than before! (Right after you arrived at Moon Garden)

* Game name changes from Wanderer to Bizarre Holy Land (I thought Wanderer wasn't an interesting name at all. Hope this new name is a bit more interesting. What do you think?)
* All UI elements get remade
* A new crafting system (You can access it after getting harassed once in Little Moon House. There are still not much you can do in there, but I will add more content in the next update.)
* New storyline in Seablue Island

* New storyline after the Town of Lust
* New side story Crystal Realm
* Old content revamp (storyline of Dark Swamp)
* Gallery fixed

* the Town of Lust is expanded.
* Little bakery in Moon Garden is opened.
* Gathering mission

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Bizzare Holy Land — porn game Bizzare Holy Land — sex game Bizzare Holy Land — ero game Bizzare Holy Land — adult game Bizzare Holy Land — 18+ game Bizzare Holy Land — top game

How to install Bizzare Holy Land for android

1) Download the apk file
2) Install the downloaded APK file by clicking on it (on the downloaded file) in the notification screen
3) If this is the first time you install apps not from Google Play, you will need to give the appropriate permission. It is necessary to enable (allow) the installation of applications from unknown sources (unknown sources) in the phone settings. Usually this item is located in the section Security

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Download Bizzare Holy Land
Updated: 4-03-2024
Size: 1.3GB
Android version: v19.2 | v39.0
Bizzare Holy Land.apk

PC version: v39.0
Bizzare Holy Land.zip


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Comments (5)
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13 November 2022 23:23
After playing it for some minutes game become laggy
1 September 2022 02:15
Thanks admin
31 August 2022 11:03
Quote: UsmanAhmed
Hey admin this is 3.1GB game and I really want to play it but before downloading can you please tell me : its working on Android 12 or not ?
Update COMPRESSED version
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31 August 2022 03:35
Hey admin this is 3.1GB game and I really want to play it but before downloading can you please tell me : its working on Android 12 or not ?
14 February 2021 00:38
Won't let me install it, tried 3 times and cleared space. Not sure what's going on
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