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Save Android saves for games on Renpy

How to save Android saves for games on Renpy

How to save old saves of the game before deleting it and installing a new version

If you have not installed the upgrade (first writes that he is going to update the app, and at the end of installation says that "the Package Powergen"), then you must remove the old version of the game and put in new ones. But before that, it's best to keep the old saves.

Saves are on the way:
For example, for the game Lost City they are here:
It is most convenient to use Total Commander:
In the left panel you need to open the folder Download

In the right go to the path Android / data/com.aid.lustcity/files/saves/

After that, long press on the folder saves and select Copy

Now saves will be in the folder Download (you can transfer the entire directory .aid.lustcity to make it more convenient)