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Donate to support and develop the site

Dear friends, many people asked how to support the project and we decided to start a separate donation page to support and develop the site.

For several years we have been developing and supporting the project at the expense of personal funds and time, we are trying to create a convenient site for our users, without any intrusive advertising. We spend our time, we spend our money for the maintenance of the project, and these are not small expenses in fact. This includes, for example, monthly payment for the server, domain, administration and development of functionality, etc., and we place our works on the site completely free of charge for all users.

If you have a desire and want to help and support the project, we will be happy to make any donations for the development and support of the site. The collected funds will go to the search, creation and publication of new interesting material. And also at the expense of helping support the server and the operation of the site as a whole.

We express our sincere gratitude to everyone for supporting the project in one form or another, also thanks to all those who simply share links on social networks, forums and other sites, which undoubtedly increases the popularity and significance of this project, it is due to such users that an incentive appears and the desire to engage and develop the project further.

Important! So that we can display your name on the page, be sure to indicate your login on the site in the comments to the donation, otherwise we will have to withdraw the donation on behalf of the "Anonymous" user.

All users who made a one-time donation from $5 also fall into the VIP group for a certain period, depending on the amount of the donation.

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USDT TRC20 (Tether): TVKERUWvEjkFnZS1o1q3syrk9NyU9qM8pM
USDT ERC20 (Tether): 0xD816EC8c022CD89aFDE1FDDcAc2F2208E3f79871
BTC (Bitcoin): 367KGZyb6As3KFGg5vGYDarY4H3jPmTVks
ETH (Ethereum): 0xD816EC8c022CD89aFDE1FDDcAc2F2208E3f79871

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November 17, 2022: Anonymous - 1 USD