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Porn Games for AndroidAdult Sex Games — The Falling Reloaded
Author: admin | 13-02-2024 | Comments: (6) | Views: 53 788  

The Falling Reloaded for android

The Falling Reloaded for android
Russian language Yes | English language Yes
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 Version: Game engine
Russian language Yes  |  English language Yes

Game description The Falling Reloaded

At the beginning of time, you play an angel who was banished from heaven to hell when he was just a child.
Since his childhood, he is tortured in hell and finally he suffers from personality disorder.

The personalities which is in his mind help him (you) to not go mad because of torture.
He has tortured a lot since he was a kid so he become an insensitive person.
During his time in hell, his mood turns into a dark mood.
When he gets stronger enough, he kills the demon that tortures him and begins to look for a way out of hell.
In hell, he meets a woman who shares almost the same faith with him, and they become friends..
His only aim is going home, but it won't be that easy.

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How to install The Falling Reloaded for android

1) Download the apk file
2) Install the downloaded APK file by clicking on it (on the downloaded file) in the notification screen
3) If this is the first time you install apps not from Google Play, you will need to give the appropriate permission. It is necessary to enable (allow) the installation of applications from unknown sources (unknown sources) in the phone settings. Usually this item is located in the section Security

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Download The Falling Reloaded
Updated: 13-02-2024
Size: 352MB
Android version: Ch.6
The Falling Reloaded.apk

PC version: Ch.6
The Falling Reloaded.zip


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Comments (6)
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8 October 2023 03:34
I think game becaming a little confusing for Ghost part
24 May 2023 09:44
chapter 4 is already available on patreon, update PLS :)
13 March 2023 15:17
Update game plz it's so exciting... Story was amazing
30 November 2022 19:23
You play as an angel that means you should have immense super strength and durability as in a car hitting you shouldn't even damage you
1 August 2022 14:27
Still my favourite...so this reloaded game has same amount of story as older game....
Well I have some suggestions for story like mc has copy shadow power of nkys so make this power use like same as solo leveling's protagonist has like when sung jinwoo who is protagonist of solo leveling says "come forth" that time whole shadow army come for his help by his order..also he can bring dead back to live and add them in his army by commanding "arise"... So I am suggesting creators this idea
.. if they use this game will be became more interesting and fun

And other ideas like-
Mc supposed to dead but he isn't... that's means so many things changed...so I hope that he will become most powerful angel because of his powers

According to story his wings were taken when he exiled to hell,so give him his own unique wings

Hope there will be harem and incest....but I love this game so much and hope mc became strongest angel and get his revenge too

Can't wait to see how creators have ideas to do all things including mc moving on from inessa death,,mc reconnecting with raphel and his mother

Can't wait for game's first sex scene hope it will be with either nkys,raphel or MC's mom

Add walkthrough mod because I have played this game 4 time..3 time was the fallout and 1 time this reloaded 
25 July 2022 17:49
The falling reloaded so the creator decided to recreate game well from the looks of it patron page seems to be same as old game
And looks from screenshot creators increase graphics
Gonna download it today and will give review after someday
Pls this time don't abandoned this game
It's has become my most favourite game 
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