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Fetish Locator for android

Fetish Locator for android
Russian language Yes | English language Yes
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 Version: Game engine
Week 1 v1.0.36 | Week 2 v2.0.21 | Week 3 v2.7.14 | Week 3 v3.2.9
Russian language Yes  |  English language Yes

Game description Fetish Locator

Fetish Locator is a story-driven Visual Novella. You play as a student who will discover many things that will happen on his path of discovering his fetishes!​

Week 1 v1.0.36 Rus | Eng / Week 2 v2.0.21 Rus | Eng / Week 3 v2.7.14 Rus / Week 3 v3.2.9 Eng
FetishLocatorWeek3-v3.2.9 Ext-Eng-release.apk

v3.2.9 Extended
Daisy and Dahlia's Endings
2058 Renders
277 Animations
13 scenes
2 endings

2849 Renders
443 Animations
17 Scenes
2 endings
Scene with Hana
2 Story scenes with Lydia
Story scene with surprise cross over
Lyssa story scene
AmRose + Maria fivesome scene
Stacy + AmRose story scene
Ending with 2 scenes (next game reveal)
Ending with 7 scenes (biggest ending so far)
v2.6.25 Extended
* Extended Edition that covers from Day-17 to Day-20 (all the content that is out there!)
* That means Full sound effects, music, and voice.
* Replay gallery and CG gallery.
* New Main menu with a banging track!
* New extended scenes!
* Jessie's scene that opens her ending (the ending itself isn't implemented yet)
* Samiya + Dahlia + Pete scene that Opens Quartett ending (the ending itself isn't implemented yet)
* Judge Scene
* Lyssa scene
* Fully implemented Min Ending! (7 scenes and it's own story) (Starts on Day-20)
* Full Lydia video clip
1483 renders
225 animations
11 new Scenes
Maria Scene
Prof Lewald scene
Lyssa + Zara scene
Min scene
Polly and Nora scene
Lots of story scenes
1360 renders
200 animations
11 scenes
Lydia story scenes
Daisy scene
Dahlia scene
Several Cynthia scenes
Min scene
Maria scene
Stacy scene
First minigame!
644 new renders
135 new animations
Extended scene with Polly&Nora on Day-15
Extended scene with Jessie on Day-16
Music, sound, and voice effects
Replay gallery
The first ending of the game - Ending-13.
E-13 includes 3 scenes and one video clip
1054 new renders
126 new animations
Lydia scenes
Scene with Min
Scene with Allison and Vanessa
Huge story content split into 5 scenes involving lots of characters!

1548 new renders (300 more than our biggest release before)
231 animation files (also record value for a single release)
11 new scenes
AmRose + Lydia Scene
Vanessa Scene
Iona scene
Hana Scene
Lyssa Scene
Lyssa + Stacy Scene
Lyssa + Oliver Scene
Daisy Scene
Dahlia + Samiya Scene
Polly + Nora Scene
Stacy/Lydia Scene

v2.2.12 Week 3
767 added Renders
58 animations
10 story scenes added
Lydia + AmRose scene
Allison story + content scene
Min story scene
Stacy story scene
AmRose scene
Day-15 Lyssa content improvements

2.1.12 Week 3 Changelog:
1215 added Renders
124 animations
9 story scenes added
Week-3 questionnaire added
Lydia + AmRose scene
Preg Nora story scene
Dahlia + Samiya Scene
Daisy scene
Maria scene
Lyssa scene
Min + Lydia scene

v2.0.11 Extended Edition
450 added Renders
50 animations
2 story scenes added
Post credit scene added
Recap added
Bonus content for the whole game added
Replay and CG gallery for day-14 added
Credits added
Sound and music added for day-14 and new content

Week 2 v1.11.16
Fix a bug that happened at the end of scene 16 (with Lydia)

Week 2 v1.11.15
1050 new renders
207 animation files
8 new scenes
Many story Scenes
Scene with Allison
Scene with Samiya
Scene with Dahlia
Scene with Oliver
And the HUGE END SCENE! (No spoilers for it)

Week 2 Extended v1.09.24
382 new renders
47 new animation files
3 new scenes
Scene with Lyssa and Allison on Day-11
Scene with Judge on Day-12
Scene with Maria on Day-13
New Character Gallery is available in two versions. Current pool and global pool
Global Character Gallery is available from the main menu
Week 2 v1.10.10
775 new renders
84 new animation files
7 new scenes
Scenes with Stacy
Scenes with AmRose
Scene with Lyssa
Scene with Lydia
Scene with Min
Scene with Cynthia
And more...

760 new renders
113 new animation files
8 new scenes
Scene with Chloe and Kevin
Scene with Iona
Scene with Lydia
Scene with Terrell
Date with Min
Scene with Vanessa
Scene with Stacy

Week 2 v1.08.07

763 new renders
75 animation files
6 new scenes
Scene with AmRose and Maria
Scene with Hana
Scene with Lyssa
Scene with Lydia
Scene with Daisy
Scene with Dahlia
Minor bug fixes

Week2 v1.07.11

763 new renders
75 animation files
6 new scenes
Scene with AmRose and Maria
Scene with Hana
Scene with Lyssa
Scene with Lydia
Scene with Daisy
Scene with Dahlia
Minor bug fixes

Week2 v1.07.11
663 new renders
50 new animation files
Updated ~15 animations for previous party release
New Fetish - Cum Garnish
Story and content with AmRose
Story with Min
Story with Daisy
Story with Terrel
Story with Lydia
Story with Cynthia
Content with Polly and Nora
Week 1 v1.0.25
Almost every scene in the game got small voice impressions and highlights in the key moments.
Almost every scene in the game got additional sound effects to make the surroundings feel better.
Scene 04 on Day-1 has been updated with new animations.

Week 2 v1.06.21
1078 new renders
114 new animations
9 new scenes
Story with Iona
Interaction with AmRose
Interaction with Tahlia
Interaction and story with Daisy
Interaction with Dahlia
Interaction with Lyssa
Interaction and story with Allison
Interaction with Min
First free-roam in the game

53 new renders
13 new animations
6 new scenes
Day-8 story finished
More story with Allison
More story and content with Lyssa
More content with Polly & Nora
More story with Lydia

Full Day-9 Story
Whooping 448 renders
20 Unique animations
Samiya Hunt storyline
Lydia & AmRose Scene
Vanessa Scene
Samiya Show
Min training Scene
Several new Locations
353 new renders
13 new animations
6 new scenes
Day-8 story finished
More story with Allison
More story and content with Lyssa
More content with Polly & Nora
More story with Lydia
The first half of day-8 story
359 renders
16 animations
Stacy - story and content
AmRose - story
Maria - content
Min - story and content
Daisy - story
Dahlia - content
Lydia - story
One new character
Two new locations

Week-1 story finished
239 new renders
15 new unique animations
New character - Jessie
New scenes - day-1, day-3, day-5, day-6, and day-7
New content with Polly
Music added to every scene in the game
CG Gallery - unlock best-looking renders in the game
Replay room - replay all your favorite scenes
Achievements - unlock bonus content!
Countless small improvements to the gameplay and story

Full Day-7 story
End of Week-1
429 fullscreen renders
15 unique new animations
New fetish - spanking
More story with Stacy and AmRose
More content with Vanessa
More story with Hana
More content with Daisy
More content with Dahlia
More content with Lyssa
More content/story with AmRose

Full Day-6 story
344 new renders
27 new animations
1 new character
10 scenes
More content with Daisy
More story & content with Stacy
More story with AmRose
More story with Lydia
More content & story with Maria
More content with Nora
More content & story with Lyssa

Full Day 4 story content
239 - new renders
12 - new animations
New optional fetish - Enema
More story for Polly&Nora path
More story about AmRose
More story about Stacy
More story about Lydia
More content with Daisy
New language - German (up to 0.05.xx)
New language - Russian (up to 0.05.xx)

0.05.13 Changelog
Day-3 night party - part 2 story
3 new scenes + 1 bonus pool scene
169 new renders
8 new animations
Text fixes for the previous release
Concludes the party content

Day-3 story content
9 new scenes
1 new location and several old locations updated
4 new characters
538 - new renders
New animations
New optional fetishes: Femdom, Footfetish and Cuckold (NOT WITH MC)
Several bugs fixed in Day-2 content

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Fetish Locator — porn game Fetish Locator — sex game Fetish Locator — ero game Fetish Locator — adult game Fetish Locator — 18+ game Fetish Locator — top game

How to install Fetish Locator for android

1) Download the apk file
2) Install the downloaded APK file by clicking on it (on the downloaded file) in the notification screen
3) If this is the first time you install apps not from Google Play, you will need to give the appropriate permission. It is necessary to enable (allow) the installation of applications from unknown sources (unknown sources) in the phone settings. Usually this item is located in the section Security

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Download Fetish Locator
Updated: 14-11-2023
Size: 1.8GB
Android version: Week 1 v1.0.36 | Week 2 v2.0.21 | Week 3 v2.7.14 | Week 3 v3.2.9
Fetish Locator.apk

PC version: Week 3 v3.3.10 Extended
Fetish Locator.zip


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